Brand KAMINOMOTO, 加美乃素, 髪之素
Head office 3-25 Kumochibashi-dori, 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 651-0055 Japan
TEL TEL (078)231-1455 FAX (078)231-8265
Tokyo branch 24-6, 3-chome, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033 Japan TEL (03)814-0211 FAX (03)814-0216
Factory 1-11 Kumochibashi-dori, 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 651-0055 Japan
Founded in Aug-1908
Capital 134,000,000 Japanese Yen
Sales route Kaminomoto→Agents→Retailers
Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Sannomiya branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Sannomiya Corporate Business Office
Representative President Norihira Nakamura
His native place Kobe
His public office Chairman of Hyogoken Keshouhin Seizou Yunyu Hanbai Kyoukai, Vice Chairman of Cosmetic Industrial Association of Japan, Vice Chairman of Cosmetic Industrial Association of West Japan
Constitution of Products Hair products 80%, Others 20%



1908 August (English) Established in Kobe.
(English) 1932 April (English) Launched Hair Restorer "KAMINOMOTO".
(English) 1953 November (English) Established a joint-stock company KAMINOMOTO HOMPO.
(English) 1960 April (English) Won a prize of Invention for "KAMINOMOTO".
(English) 1961 April (English) Won a prize of Invention for Hair Liquid "POMADOL".
(English) 1962 June (English) Carried out a system of Registered Sale for retailers.
(English) 1964 June (English) Reported our unique ingredient "KAMIGEN" for Alopecia at The 3rd International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists in New York.
(English) 1965 March (English) Launched New Hair Restorer "KAMINOMOTO A" series with Kamigen E and Kamigen K.
(English) 1967 April (English) Launched Hair Restorer "BLACK KAMINOMOTO A" and Hair Liquid "BLACK POMADOL".
(English) 1968 April (English) Reported our unique ingredient "NEO TAKANAL Derivative" for Alopecia at The 5th International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists in Tokyo.
(English) 1970 May (English) Launched Hair Restorer "KAMINOMOTO MEN'S KAMINOMOTO" and "KAMINOMOTO LADIES' KAMINOMOTO".
(English) 1974 December (English) Launched Hair Liquid "KAMINOMOTO MEN'S POMADOL" and "KAMINOMOTO LADIES' POMADOL".
(English) 1977 August (English) HAIR CARE ADVICE system opened.
(English) 1983 July (English) Launched Hair Restorer "MEDICATED KAMINOMOTO" and "MEDICATED KAMINOMOTO S".
(English) 1985 September (English) Launched "KAMINOMOTO MEDICATED SHAMPOO".
(English) 1987 September (English) Launched "Ladies' HAIR ACCELERATOR".
(English) 1988 June (English) Launched "BIKOSEI-KAMINOMOTO A".
(English) 1988 September (English) Launched "BIKOSEI-HIGHER STRENGTH KAMINOMOTO A".
(English) 1990 February (English) Launched "KAMI-COOL RINSE IN TONIC".
(English) 1990 July (English) Reported about "incentive to Melanocyte" at The World Congress of Pharmacology in Amsterdam.
(English) 1993 January (English) Launched "BIO-SIGNAL" foundation (lotion) series for ladies.
(English) 1993 March (English) Launched Hair Restorer "MEDICATED TURF HAIR GROWTH LOTION NZ" and "MEDICATED TURF HAIR GROWTH LOTION SZ".
(English) 1994 March (English) Launched Hair Restorer "BIKOCHO KAMINOMOTO A".
(English) 1996 March (English) Launched "ELASTECT" Skin Care Series 4 types, "Yakuyou Kaminomoto S-II" and "LADY CHIC" Hair Lotion for ladies.
(English) 1997 February (English) Launched a new "ELASTECT" Skin Care Cream.
(English) 1997 March (English) Launched "HERB KAMINOMOTO AD" Hair Restorer.
(English) 1997 September (English) Reported our unique ingredient "AA-2G" at The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists in Acapulco.
(English) 1998 March (English) Launched new "LADIES' KAMINOMOTO HAIR ACCELERATOR" and ACCELERATOR HERB HAIR ESSENCE, "H-KAMINOMOTO A HATSUGEN", "S-KAMINOMOTO A HATSUNOTIKARA" Hair Restorers, MAYUGLOW ESSENCE Beauty Lotion for Eyebrows and "CHARGING FOR VIRGIN LEG" series for beautiful womens legs.
(English) 1999 March (English) Launched "OTE WO DOZO" Hand Cleansing Gel.
(English) 2000 March (English) Launched Non Fragrance "Kaminomoto A", "Colour Nuance" Hair Care Series and 2 Step Sensitive Skin Care Series.
(English) 2001 February (English) Launched New typed Hair Manicure "Kaminomoto Colour Again".
(English) 2001 March (English) Launched New "ELASTECT" for body. (3 items)
(English) 2002 March (English) Launched Renewal Hair Manicure "Kaminomoto Colour Again". (5 items)
(English) 2003 February (English) Launched New Hair Restorer "Medicated Hair Growth Trigger" with Oil-soluble Masaki Extract which is extracted from Masaki leaf and stem, rebuilds the network of capillary vessels around hair roots by the vascular function.
(English) 2006 September (English) Launched New Hair Manicure "Kamikrone" with double coloring effects and methods, which are hair manicure and the coloring effect of natural light.
(English) 2007 March (English) Launched Renewal Hair Restorer "Tokusei Kyouryoku Kaminomoto A (Non Fragrance)".
(English) 2008 March (English) Launched Renewal Hair Restorer "Kyouryoku Kaminomoto A (Non Fragrance)".
(English) 2009 September (English) Launched Renewal Hair Lotion "Ladies Kaminomoto EX (Non Fragrance)".
(English) 2011 February (English) Launched New Hair Oil "Pomadol Olive Hair Emollient Series".
(English) 2011 September (English) Launched New Hair Restorer "Black Kaminomoto NEO".
(English) 2012 March (English) Launched New Hair Manicure "Color de eco".
(English) 2013 February (English) Launched New Hair Restorer "Medicated Bihatsugen".
(English) 2013 August (English) Launched New Hair Restorer " Ladies Dark Brown".
(English) 2014 February (English) Launched New Brand " Hairie".