The best way to care for your hair, to make it more rich and beautiful, is to choose the
most reliable products from the wide range of hair cosmetics available.
Kaminomoto makes your hair lustrous and beautiful ・start to care for your hair with Kaminomoto today!

Kaminomoto can be use for the followings:

1, Prevention of hair loss, dandruff and itchiness of the scalp.
2, Improving the function of the hair root.
3, Regulation of the sebaceous secretion and cleaning of the scalp.
4, Acceleration of hair growth and maintenance of healthy hair.
5, Treatment of baldness regardless of age or sex.


Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator 150ml (NEW) New bottle model were replaced from glass bottle to PET plastic bottle from the year of 2022. UPC: 498046700018 The new special formula multiple prescription is effective for the root cause of the thinning and the loss of hair. For example, medicative ingredient “Hinokitiol”...

Kaminomoto AD

Hair nutrients for daily hair care with relaxing herbal (Peppermint /Lavender) fragrance. Well balanced ingredients restrains dandruff, itch and falling hair by activating function of scalp and hair root, and makes your hair healthier and stronger. Not sticky, Not oily. Smooth sensation.

Kaminomoto Double Lash

Kaminomoto Double Lash 5ml UPC : 4987046100740 This is a nutritive care product. based on a natural extract, rich in vitamins and proteins. It strengthens the lashes and eyebrows and help refrain their loss.