We are pleased to announce the enhanced formulas for Kaminomoto shampoos & conditioners.

Firstly, we would like to offer our thanks to our dear customers for their trust and support all this time.

Kaminomoto has had a long history of development and expanded its business to 45 countries and territories all over the world. We are proud to be one of Japan’s most trusted brands.

We have always been progressive and paying heed to our customers’ invaluable feedback so that we can improve the quality of our products.

After a long time gathering opinions from its customers, the Kaminomoto Company has decided to introduce new, enhanced formulas for its shampoos and conditioners, whose packaging will remain unchanged, in 2022.

The enhanced formulas will include more nutrition benefitting hair, with ingredients well researched and selected from herbs that help recover and condition your hair, as well as combat hair loss and promote hair growth more effectively.

Due to being fortified with more beneficial ingredients, the improved shampoos will have a darker shade of green, and the improved conditioners will be slightly denser than the previously released products.

Note: Cases of serious hair loss can be combatted by using shampoos and conditioners in combination with the Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator for best results.

Hologram Anti-counterfeit Label Identification

Thank you for your purchase.

All genuine products have a security label as below.
If you notice any product without a security label, you have reason to be suspicious.

*The label itself is silver. Depending on the light source and viewing angle, different colors appear.

T-Zoom Technology
One of the latest banknote-grade anti-counterfeiting holographic technology, equivalent to 3-D security ribbon used in the new US $100 bill. This technology is owned by a small   number of companies and extremely difficult to duplicate.

        Rotate the label around a circle under strong light lightly.(It is recommended to turn on the mobile phone flashlight)   

With different viewing angles, two “K”s rotate in 360 degrees.


With quality criteria number one, we are committed to providing the highest quality products


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